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Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Key Energy Services provides a wide array of leading edge energy production solutions and services. Through our highly trained and experienced crews, technical expertise, state-of-the-art data analytics, and fit for purpose equipment, we enable America’s E&P companies, from small independents to majors, get the most out of the life of their wells.

Using standardized processes, our objectives is to deliver efficient, high quality results. All this with one goal in mind: our customers’ long-term success.

Training and Crews

Training begins from the moment an employee starts working at Key, laying the foundation for future learning and development that allows our employees to become among the industry’s finest, a reputation that Key Energy prides itself on.

Employee development and training is an ongoing regimen. Our goal is to impart knowledge, experience, skill levels, and competencies that result in operational excellence to our customers. Coaching programs are specifically tailored to each of our lines of business. As our employees develop, the opportunity is provided to ‘climb the ladder’ from entry level, to supervisory, and senior management positions.

Our commitment to employee training and development equips our people with the skills and knowledge to do the job safely, efficiently and effectively.


Every day we strive to perform work in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, and to protect the health of our employees and others in and around our work sites. We are committed to delivering high quality results at the wellsite that enable our customers to work in the most efficient manner, with a goal on delivering results that make a measurable difference to our customer’s operations.

We are proud of what we do, but we strive to be even better, every day. We seek out opportunities to reduce risk, non-productive time, and incidents. Through feedback from our customers and employees, reporting, investigation, and after-action reviews, we maintain the flexibility to review, revise and revolutionize our processes. We’re dedicated to giving our customers the best quality service every time.

Our standardized policies, procedures and common operating guidelines help in delivering consistent safe, efficient, and effective results.


Key prides itself on offering a diverse selection of equipment to address our customer’s specific needs. Our goal is deliver equipment that meets safety and quality standards capable of completing operations in a highly efficient manner. Regardless of your well or field challenges, Key Energy’s broad portfolio of equipment provides our customers with a range of options to select from. With one call, we are able to deliver a comprehensive equipment and solutions package to meet your specific needs.

Our maintenance management system which includes preventive maintenance, inspections and re-certification programs helps to ensure Key’s equipment performs with a high degree of reliability.


At Key, we are constantly challenging ourselves to remain on the leading edge of understanding our customer’s production challenges and remain committed to finding solutions that help to manage and extend the production life cycle of their wells and fields. Through research and hands-on knowledge, we are committed to developing and supporting cutting edge solutions to address the industry’s growing needs for efficiency and effectiveness. We have unique, patented technology that can be used to help reduce non-productive time, reduce our customer’s lease operating expense (LOE), and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Across all of our lines of business, Key continues to seek and incorporate technology with a goal of ensuring we deliver the most efficient, safe, and effective solutions for our customers, and to help optimize their wells’ potential.


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