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Vacuum Trucks

Key’s vacuum trucks transport non-hazardous fluid or waste to or from your well operation. The materials commonly carried include fresh water, field salt water, 10

Disposal Wells

Saltwater disposal wells allow us to handle produced fluids responsibly and efficiently. Key operates more than 50 disposal injection wells, where produced water is run

SandX Unit

Sand-X® Sand Management System is a custom-engineered frac tank retrofitted with a special auger to separate sand from the fluid return automatically, in a safe,

Fresh & Brine H2O

We have four permitted fresh and brine water facilities throughout the Permian Basin, each being able to provide more than 1,500 BPD.

Acid & Acid Treatments

Our treatments see acid pumped into the well and into the pores of the reservoir rocks. In this form of acidization, the acids

Winch Trucks

For tow and recovery requirements, these trucks are an everyday essential. Their flexibility and usefulness makes them an indispensable asset for our fleet.

Pump/Kill Truck

Our pump/kill trucks are used for well pressure control. Uses include testing casing, pressure testing tubing and flow lines, to support well stimulation, and in

Frac Tanks

Frac fluid support is critical to keeping your hydraulic stimulation jobs running. Key have one of the largest fleets of frac tanks in the industry,

Hot Oil Units

Hot oilers are used to remove water and paraffin from oil which can plug tubing, flow lines, and production tools under low temperatures.


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  • Fluids Storage
  • H2O Service
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