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Blowout Preventer Packages

Blowout Preventers (BOPs) are a critical piece of safety equipment, as they protect rig crews, the rig, and the wellbore. Key maintains an inventory of


Key has the largest fleet of high quality ‘tubulars’, manufactured to industry-leading specifications. Tubulars are crucial components for drilling, completion and production programs, and we

Power Swivel

Power Swivels are used for drill outs, clean outs, rotating tubulars, and downhole tool orientation. Our fleet includes the S-85 (NOV Bowen), S-120


Key has a wide array of 3k, 5k, and 10k pumps available.

Pumpdown Services

Pump and pumpdown tools on longer lateral wells. Skid- or trailer-mounted units to suit your needs.


Johnston Fishing Jars (hydraulic jars) deliver impact at any hydrostatic pressure and they hit quick, hard and long – even at bottom-hole temperatures up to

Pipe Handlers

Pipe handling devices minimize human interaction to handle and move pipe. They lower the overall cost of well site interventions by increasing pipe-handling efficiency through


Whether re-entering an existing wellbore or sidetracking around a stuck bottom hole assembly, our equipment and services have proven to reduce trips, milling time and

Fishing Services

Fishing Services are used to remove wellbore obstructions. Key is highly capable of providing Fishing services for cased and open-hole applications. Our tool fleet ranges

Smart Tongs

The SmartTong® system takes the guesswork out of rod connections. As the world’s first computer-controlled connection service, algorithms ensure correct circumferential displacement on every connection


Tongs are used for breaking and making-up tubing connections. Tubing/rod tongs are hydraulic wrenches used to turn and torque pipe and rods, open-face and close-face

Foam Air Units

Our safe and efficient Foam Air equipment provides a fast and economic well cleanout solution. Using a Lufkin or Great Dane 45’ x 102” drop-deck

Reverse Units

These are packages that include pumps, power swivels, and tanks used to circulate fluid in and out of the well bore. Key’s certified

Frac Tanks

Frac fluid support is critical to keeping your hydraulic stimulation jobs running. Key have one of the largest fleets of frac tanks in the industry,

Nitrogen Services

Our trailer-mounted Nitrogen Production Unit (NPU) can deliver this essential resource to your drilling operation wherever you are based. Using a Lufkin or Great Dane


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