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Our trailer-mounted Nitrogen Production Unit (NPU) can deliver this essential resource to your drilling operation wherever you are based. Using a Lufkin or Great Dane 45’ x 102” drop-deck trailer with hydraulic leveling legs, this c.58,000 lbs piece of equipment is fully mobile. As with all Key equipment, this is professionally maintained and safety-checked, so you can be sure of the best outcomes from your operations.


Air compressor:

Sullair two-stage rotary screw, oil-flooded, high pressure air end, providing up to 1,350 SCFM and 500 PSIG.

Cooling system:

Designed to provide engines with adequate cooling up to 115° ambient temperature.

Nitrogen unit:

Manufactured by Generon using high efficiency membrane technology, modules designed to deliver 90-99.99% nitrogen purity continuous at 500 PSIG

PLC Allen Bradley PLC controller:

Provides instant, realtime readout of volume, capacity, purity, and percentage of O2 left in the gas stream

1¼” tubing:

up to 23,000’

1½” tubing:

up to 21,000’

1¾” tubing:

up to 23,500’

2” tubing:

up to 25,000’

2⅜” tubing:

up to 25,000’

2⅝” tubing:

up to 25,000’


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