Employment Verification

Attention prospective employers of former Key Energy Services employees: Please review the process below for verification of DOT and non-DOT employment of former Key employees.

Employers: For Non-DOT verification of employment

If you or your organization do not already have an account set up with The Work Number, you can establish one by calling 800.367.5690 or set up an account online at theworknumber.com

NOTE: Employer code for Key Energy Services is 12582.

If you already have an account set up with The Work Number, please proceed directly to theworknumber.com.

To complete the process, you will need the prospective employee’s social security number (SSN) along with his or her consent. To confirm pay history, the individual must provide you with an additional code.

Employers: For DOT verification of employment

Please send a written request with the applicant’s release to fax number 432.571.7442 or email to dotvoe@keyenergy.com. The information will be provided per DOT regulations.

NOTE: Key Energy Services no longer processes non-DOT verifications of employment. For all non-DOT verifications, use The Work Number as described above.