At Key, we strive to contribute beyond the oilfield. We are deeply committed to creating lasting partnerships with local communities to better the lives of people throughout the world.

Our employees dedicate their time and energy to many charitable organizations within the communities where we operate. From fundraisers for medical treatment and research, to environmental conservation, and educational assistance, each employee helps according to his or her own skill set and passions.

It’s just another way we put our experience to work.

Code of Business Conduct

Key is committed to always acting lawfully, ethically and with integrity. The Key Code of Business Conduct serves as a roadmap for ethical issues and provides direction related to day-to-day business dealings and relationships. We specifically focus on financial compliance, legal compliance and health, safety, and environmental compliance, all of which are clearly defined and communicated throughout the company.

Highlights of our compliance program include the following:

  • An ethics hotline monitored by an unbiased third party, encouraging reporting of any ethics or compliance matter without fear of retaliation
  • A human resources function dedicated to upholding all employment hiring laws and regulations
  • Clearly communicated and defined practices related to human rights
  • A commitment to HS&E compliance with protocol empowering all employees with Stop Work Authority
  • Required Code of Business Conduct training for all employees
  • FCPA compliance monitoring and employee training
  • Internal policies regarding facilitating payments, travel, entertainment, and gifts and charitable donations connected to non-U.S. government officials, etc.
  • Internal controls that support financial compliance

Conflict Minerals

We are committed to developing a conflict-free minerals supply chain, one that does not use tin, tantalum, tungsten, or gold sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo. For humanitarian reasons, we are committed to the responsible sourcing of materials, products, and components necessary for the products that we manufacture or contract to manufacture. We will require our suppliers to move their sourcing of tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold to certified conflict-free sources, and we are committed to our customers’ efforts to do the same.

We believe that corporations can make a difference not only where we operate but for the entire globe, and we are committed to changing the way we do business.